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Volume: 300g, per customer’s requirement

Fat: 20%

Packaging: 12 or 24 cans/ Carton. Tin can with easy open lid

Shelf life: 12 months

Payment term: L/C,T/T, D/P

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Delivery time: 5 - 10 Days after confirm the order.


Port: Ho Chi Minh Port, Vietnam.

Supply ability: 310 Twenty-Foot Containers/Month. Good service from 'Before order' to 'After sale' . Always focus on product quality, make them good health & good taste.



Coconut is a perennial crop that occupies an important position in the crop system of Ben Tre. Coconut production and processing activities have created a special economic, cultural, social, and environmental appearance in the lower Mekong region. That appearance is still constantly renewed day by day, associated with the history of formation and development of coconut land. Understanding the value of coconut trees to the community, Ben Tre Coconut Investment Joint Stock Company (Beinco) built a factory in Ben Tre and invested in modern machinery and equipment for production along with processing technology. Advanced technology has produced coconut products that meet international standards and are present in many countries around the world.

From 2018 up to now, the company has put into operation a large-scale processing and production line of coconut food products such as Delta Coco Coconut Milk, Delta Coco Concentrated Coconut Milk and Coconut Fatty Creamer. Delta Coco, Coconut Snack, Bottled Coconut Water, etc. The highlight is Delta Coco's Coconut Creamer.

Delta Coco Condensed Coconut Creamer is concentrated from fresh Ben Tre coconut milk, sugar, stabilizers, emulsifiers. From Coconut Creamer, it can be easily mixed into cups of coconut milk for nutritious morning, making greasy smoothies, smooth batches of coconut yogurt to rich and attractive coconut milk coffee. ,... In addition, the product can be substituted for jams and butter when served with bread. Creamer canned is very convenient to use and store.

Since being on the market until now, Delta Coco Special Fat Coconut Creamer has always retained customers because of its outstanding advantages that not all products have. Even once enjoying Delta Coco Special Fatty Coconut Creamer, consumers will be attracted by the blend of aroma, greasy taste, and natural sweetness from fresh coconuts. Besides, the product always retains delicious and nutritious natural nutrients, which is very suitable for vegans, allergic to animal milk and animal milk products. Beico's Coconut Creamer is chosen by many consumers to replace animal condensed milk because of its great health benefits.

The production process of Fatty Coconut Creamer products goes through many stages, from quality coconuts selected at Ben Tre coconut gardens, to the factory of Beinco company. After being cleaned, the copra is transferred to the juicer to extract the juice. After 2 times of pressing, the obtained coconut milk is mixed with sugar and other ingredients. Continue the process of assimilation, storage of BTP juice, filling, seaming, sterilization, cooling. Moving on to the final stage is printing the code, printing the

expiry date, labeling and packing. The entire production and processing process is applied with modern technical equipment and technology to increase product quality, save raw materials, increase production productivity to reduce product costs.

In the past time, Beinco company has constantly improved and brought high-quality Delta Coco Condensed Coconut Creamer products, achieving certifications such as Organic, Halal, Kosher, FDA, high-quality Vietnamese products with integration standards. Products have been gradually asserting their value to consumers not only in quality but also inform and design. For these reasons, the product is now available at BigC, convenient supermarkets nationwide, e-commerce sites such as Tiki, Lazada, Shopee and exported to countries around the world such as China, Thailand. Lan, USA, EU countries.

Over the years, Beinco's business activities have created jobs for more than 100 employees, gradually promoting the Ben Tre coconut specialty production and processing industry to develop further. In the coming time, the company will continue to research, diversify products and improve the value of Ben Tre coconut specialties in association with environmental protection, ensuring the crop ecosystem.


Pure and fresh coconut milk (71%), sugar, Stabilizers (460(i), 466, 412), Emulsifier (471, 473)


Sweetened condensed coconut milk Delta Coco is used in coffee, tea, or other beverages, also as a great sandwich spread and your favorite baking recipes

Storage instructions:

Keep in a cool, dry place. Refrigerate after opening and consume within 7 days


Delta Coco Sweetened condensed coconut milk is made from 100% fresh coconut meat, not only maintains the natural and pure flavor of coconut but also provides nutrition minerals and acid Lauric - MCTs which to increase the body's resistance.

Sweetened condensed coconut milk is a milky-white liquid concentrated from fresh coconut milk blended with sugar. Product is used as an alternative to concentrated animal milk on the market.


             Packing size                Carton size (cm)                  Quantity/ cont 20 ft         
24 cans x 300g 45 x 30 x 11.5 1500 -1800 cartons