About us



With amazing growing of nature or the beauty of a lively seedling enable proceeding coconuts for generations is an inspiration for Beinco to change into our new logo. Our new logo is made into B letter – the abbreviation of Beinco and the image of geminating coconut. The message from this symbol: the developing mission of Beinco based on core values and creating the purest natural products.

Ben Tre has a huge supply of raw materials for processing industry and covers a large proportion of total area, production and productive value in comparison with the entire agricultural sector of this province. Therefore, the agriculture of coconut cultivation and the processing industry of products from coconut of Ben Tre is considered as the strongest development in Viet Nam. Being developed in Coconut “capital”, Beinco was established to produce and process all the products made from coconut by advanced technology. We make high-quality products meeting international standards. We also take advantage of the high-quality raw materials and improve increasing values from coconut as well as understand the current and future market demand. This is the need of high value, advanced technology, eco-friendly, price competitive and high efficiency products. The birth of Beinco begins a story about the processing industry which is making a more efficient product to our life but still remaining the pure value of nature.



Vision become a trustworthy manufacturer and exporter of coconut products with worldwide recognition. 


Make the most nutritional and high-quality products.

Increase customer satisfaction.

Build capability of producer.

Improve and develop employees’ skills.

Social and Environment Responsibility.


CREDIBILITY AND QUALITY: With a goal of building trust by high-quality product and service, honesty and responsibility, BEINCO commits to our customers that we will always take full responsibility in order to improve your trust continuously. Credibility and responsibility are our top priorities in business. We also value our customer’s benefits through each of our product and make sure to achieve actual quality products.

COOPERATION AND SHARING: With a wide range of activities, BEINCO continues expanding and cooperating with our business partners as a foundation to create general benefit and to make the highest quality and most suitable products. For our staffs, we are ready to share and stick together to solve all system problems. We develop and act together for the success and improvement of BEINCO.

DEDICATION AND MENTALITY: BEINCO always sets business ethics as foundation in every job, follows laws, maintains work and social ethics in the highest level and demonstrates commitments to our customers. With a mission of making the highest quality products, BEINCO always devotes our strengths and brainpower to achieve absolute customer’s satisfaction.


BEINCO has clearly understood about the tough competitive market. Therefore, improving productivity and quality continuously is the key to build trust from our consumers. All BEINCO products must go through our strict production and inspection process from raw materials supply to guarantee highest quality product before reaching customers. Applying advanced technology, BEINCO commits to maintain credibility and reliability in production process to make the highest quality coconut products and meet consumer tastes. In future, BEINCO is always looking forward to cooperating with partners and customers in order to contribute to the development of Vietnamese coconut industry and accomplish our goal of building Vietnamese coconut brand to have a stable position in both Asia and the world.