Volume: 290ml, 490ml

Fat: 3% - 5%

Certificate : FDA

  Volume     290ml, 490ml
  Fat     3% - 5%
  Flavor     traditional, strawberry, pineapple, mango, custard apple, banana, chocolate, coffee.
  Packaging     glass bottle
  Shelf life     12 months
  Certificate     FDA
  Price     Contact
  Sample     available
  Packing     24 bottles/ carton
  Loading     1,300 carton/ container 20'
  Supply capacity     80 container 20'/ month
  Trade term     FOB, Ho Chi Minh port, Vietnam (Incoterms 2010)
  Payment term     by T/T


Smooth texture, 3%-5% light fat, and delicious natural flavor. The product is rich in nutrients, does not contains preservatives, and cholesterol.

Made from 100% fresh and pure coconut, strictly selected from the high quality coconut material area in Ben Tre, the coconut capital of Vietnam. The standard coconut ingredient is milled, pressed then mixed with fresh coconut water and coconut jelly by modern and advanced technology. As the result, the product still sustains the nutrients as well as the natural delicious taste.

Homogenized, pasteurized and packaged in glass bottles to ensure food safety, easy storage and use.

8 flavors: traditional, strawberry, pineapple, mango, custard apple, banana, chocolate, coffee. 


Coconut milk (56%), coconut water (30%), sugar (6.6%), nata de coco (5%), water, emulsifier, artificial flavor, artificial color. 


The nutritious and energy-rich beverage, natural flavor, good for health.

More delicious cold drink.

Shake well before serving.


Keep in cool and dry place.

Refrigerate after opening and use up within 24 hours